Roof-top Solar System

We provide roof-top solar solutions based on your power needs to optimise the usage of power


We have a trained staff who can design and develop all sorts of solar power system to suit your daily needs for power.


Solar Panels



Viginti Quattuor Ever Power OPC Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2017. Company has performed well during the past few years looking at the adversity due to Covid pendamic in the country since last year. Company has managed to achive its goal for more than 100 kW Roof-top on-grid or off-grid in the last financial year during the tough period.

All the Roof-top solar system installed by us are running very efficiently. The quality of all the components of the solar system is well up to the mark. Finishing and laying out of cables and  Solar panels modules are decently styled so that beauty of your house and buildings are not compromised on account of the solar plant.

We are providing all types of solar products  such as "Roof top" projects, Off grid solutions for your remote areas where power-cut is more or there is no grid. Water pumps for draining out logged water in the mines pit or for irrigation purpose.

Roof-top Solar PV system

"On-grid" & "Off-grid"

In "On-grid"system, the power generated by your system is exported to the grid via net meter and inverter while you can also use the solar power in day light. During night hours, power is drawn from the grid to light your appliances. Net meter is used in this system. In "Off-grid" system you are not connected with grid. Extra or surplus power is stored in the battery which provide power during night hours.

Tailor-made structures

Galvanised robust MS Steel structure

On a fourth storey building, the wind pressure is very high and weak structure can not sustain the same. Thefore it is only our company which never compromise with the strength and standards of the galvanised mild steel structure and to design a robust structure. This gives a lot of assurance to the customer that his system is safe and capable of serving the power for more than twenty five years.