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01.  Why should I use solar power?

You should use solar power because it is the future source of power to run your electrical appliances at a very nominal price as compared to the electricity tariff of the DISCOM.

The present tariff are already at higher side and it is going to be still costlier in yeas to come.

02.  Which of the two - Off-grid or On-grid, system is suitable for me?

You can go for on grid system if you want to run heavy appliances like AC, Geyser etc to get the higher power from the grid if your budget is low. You can also go for Off-grid solar power system in case there is a too much power failure in your town.

The best thing is to contact our expert who will tell you which system and of how much capacity will be suitable for you..

03.  Whether I can convert my present inverter to solar power system?

Yes, you should convert your present inverter system to solar power system because it will be converted at a very less of cost as compaered to the full solar power system. Only solar panels and charge controller will be added to this system that will be used to charge your batteries and give you the power in day time when there is a Sun.

For this you sould have enough roof with non shade area to receive sunlight. You may call us for getting a quick survey of your roof top and to advise you properly.

04.  What are the other solar based items that you sell?

Apart from EPC we are selling, Solar water heaters, Solar street lights, Solar Garden lights, Solar chargers, Solar Lanterns etc.

We are also selling solar water pumps on governemnt approved subsidy program through thier official channel partner as we are having tie ups with them. We are also selling such solar water pumps for other irrigation and mining activities in remote areas where electricity supplies are either zero or erratic.

05.  How long will it take complete the commissioning of a normal Solar Power System?

For 1 kW solar power system it will take about a week it it is off-grid. For on-grid there are some formalities with the government office and it depends on various factors like your sanctioned load, availaibity with the government capacity etc.

For on-grid solar power system, if there is a subsidy is involved then more formalities are to be done and in such cases it may take as long as three months to get the completion and final approval from the government. However in many cases about a one month is the minimum time period