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About us



Viginti Quattuor Ever Power OPC Private Limited is a “One Person Company” incorporated in the year 2017 under a special provision in the Company’s Act. In Latin, “Viginti” means Two and “Quattuor” means Four, i.e. 24 denotes a day time period, so in order to fulfill your daily power needs, our company is the best answer for this as its name suggests. This is true because of the fact that the promoter of this company himself is a very experienced and knowledgeable person who have now understood even the minute techno-commercial aspect of this trade. He passed the “Installation and Maintenance of the Solar Plant and Equipment" training programme from the MSME Jaipur. Apart from this, strength comes definitely from his all life multifaceted experience covering many areas such as medical, mining, industrial research, market research, financial & capital market, International sales together with general management from the top position of some big mining companies having national and international presence.

Yes, our company is dedicated and we have installed a dozens of solar plants in the state both under “Subsidized” and “Non-subsidized” category. We have installed several plants of different capacities of both forms- “Off-grid” and “On-grid”. Our clients include owners of Residential and Commercial buildings, Hospitals and Clinics, Guest-houses, Farm Houses etc. Our work has been appreciated by all of them. We give utmost importance to the after-sales services which drives the customers to give work to us only. All of our customers are quite happy as they are getting highly reduced electricity bills. 

An "On-grid" photovoltaic Roof top system of 10kw capacity installed on a residential building near SMS hospital, Jaipur.


Although we all are passing through a difficult situation due to Covid pandemic, industry and daily workers are suffering the most. We managed last year and this year too we are coping with the situation. Our aim is to achieve a target of 1000 kw this year. We have also introduced some after-sales and maintenance services together with the supply and installation of UPS power inverters and batteries, solar lights, solar water pumps, and some allied services like third party inspection of power equipments and panels, laboratory testing and quality assurance.

News published in the newspapers on the inauguration of "On-grid" solar systems at Mr. Shrey Gaharana's residence.

"On-grid" solar roof-top system of 8 kw capacity installed in Tilak Nagar Jaipur