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We are proud to inform you that in a very short span of time our company has commissioned many "On-grid" and "Off-grid" solar projects in and around Jaipur on hospitals, Guest House as well as on several residential buildings. Our work has received much appreciation and all of our systems are constantly monitored. Customers are very happy as they are getting highly reduced electricity amount in the electricity bills.

This has happened because of the very rich and multifaceted industrial experience of the promoters having age long experience in, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi, Industrial Minerals and Information Limited U.K. our experience includes, mining and minerals, Solar, Quality control, Lab-testing, Projects - industrial as well as industrial survey and market research, exploration and management. In order  to provide better services to the customers, promoter of the company has undergone special training and course work conducted by the MSME Jaipur Branch on  solar energy.

In order to provide government subsidy to our valuable customers the company got franchisee from the approved vendors of Discom. The projects under subsidy scheme of the Rajasthan Government were installed in Jaipur on a Paying Guest House building and on other residential houses. We are also ready to work on RESCO model.

Our company is now equipped with all the facilities like machinery and tools and technical manpower to make our own structure from Galvanised mild steel material. We take special care in fixing the structures so that it can not fail against the pressures of the wind storms which are very common in Rajasthan state.

The company is also thinking to expand its operation in other states of India, neighbouring countreis and in Europe. We are ready to give our franchisee to the Interested and potential individuals and firms .



An "Off-grid" photovoltaic Roof top system over the building of a Hospital near Jaipur.


 " An "Off grid" P V Solar System was installed on the Roof top of a hospital near Jaipur. Off grid system is supported by a " Battery Bank" to get the continous power supply for 24 hours without any failure. Battery Bank supplies the power when there is no SUN. Unlike the domestic demand, the power demand in this hospital was needed mostly in Day time. The "Off grid" system therefore was best suited for this hospital. The location of this hospital was in rural area and it is now free from erractic power supplies from the grid. 

News published in the newspapers on the inauguration of "On-grid" solar systems at Mr. Shrey Gaharana's residence. A galvanised structure is being raised on a Roof Top site in Tilak Nagar, Jaipur.

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